Månedlig Arkiver: juli 2020

Postgraduate Course “UP-TO-DATE knowledge about fascia”

Janek Vluggen (one of the worlds leading Osteopaths) from The Vluggen Institute comes to Denmark teaching “UP-TO-DATE knowledge about FASCIA”. The course “UP-TO-DATE about FASCIA” extends over four days from Saturday 15’th of August until Tuesday the 18’th of August. !!!! Due to the Covid-19 distance restrictions, there are only af few places left to […]

Incrediwear Equine forhandles nu af MySir Osteopati og Fysioterapi


MySir Osteopati og Fysioterapi forhandler nu Incrediwear Equine. Incrediwear fortæller selv på deres website. “The magic of Incrediwear lies in its ability not only increase blood circulation, but lymphatic flow as well. This is what makes this technology a break-through in Equine and Human healthcare.” Incrediwear Equine produkterne kan købes i vores webshop. Derudover vil […]