Education for Equine Physiotherapist EDP® with course start 4.4.2022

Become an Equine Physiotherapist – the dates for 2022 is now planned

MySir Osteopati og Fysioterapi

The actual training for Equine Physiotherapist EDP®  is divided into modules. We start from scratch with Anatomy and Physiology, after which you fill more and more in the “toolbox” in the subsequent modules.

A lot of homework must be considered – both in the theoretical part but also in the practical part. 

When the lessons takes place elsewhere than at the Danish Equine Academy, please bring packed lunches, as well as clothes and shoes according to the weather conditions. When the teaching takes place at the The Danish Equine Academy, there will be coffee and tea ad libitum and a sandwich for lunch.

Registration can be made to the Danish Equine Academy via email at with full name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.

Payment is pr. module and invoice will be sent approx. 14 days before module start. There will be a registration fee, which will be deducted at the first module.

Due to the international participants, some off the  modules will be online sessions. All the practical parts will be onsite at the Danish Equine Academy. 

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Equine Physiotherapist EDP®