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    What we do?

    The equestrian academy offers courses as well as trainings for equine physiotherapist, horse massager on several levels as well as equine therapist.

    In addition, the Horse Academy caters to already trained horse massagers or other horse enthusiasts, where it is possible to take training courses or just get refreshed already known substance.

    Our mission

    “The equestrian academy’s mission is that the education is at a high academic level. We keep up to date with the latest research in the veterinary field, massage therapy and various treatments, ensuring that the courses at the Hestea Academy are up to date and at a very high academic level, ensuring that the students are competent when they arrive. out.”

    Our vision

    “Our vision is to be the best in our field – what we do, we do best”

    Our values

    “Everything we do is aimed at passing on our knowledge to the students so that they can help the horse and rider to a better cooperation where the locomotive is in focus.”