Postgraduate course in Craniel Nerves 23-26 of April

There are more between the ears – than we expect ?????

Janek Vluggen (one of the worlds leading Osteopaths) from   comes to Denmark for four days  4 and holds the postgraduate course  in Craniel Nerves.
The course in Craniel Nerves extends over four days from Tuesday 23 April – Friday 26 April.

Course contents:

  • The structural and functional anatomy and the osteopathic relevance of the cranial
  • Introduction to the examination and normalization in relation and function with the pathways, entrapment possibilities and possible, symptoms within the functionality of the cranio sacral osteopathy.
  • Practical education and training of the examination of the cranial nerves
  • Normalization of the possible entrapments and symptoms in
    function of the cranio sacral osteopathy.
To participate in the course it is necessary to have knowledge of equine anatomy and treatments.
The course will be held in English.
The cost for all 4 days are 8000,00 kr incl. vat
There is coffee and the ad libitum all day and there will be a light lunch.
The course is held at Thostrupvej 15, 8881 Thorsø.
Please register as soon as possible. Registration is binding.
You sign up by sending an email to with your name, address, phone number and email address. Then you receive an invoice. Once this is paid, you have a seat on the course.
Look forward to 4 exciting and educational days going home with a lot of new knowledge.
Sincerely. Gitte Søby  – MySir Osteopathy and Physiotherapy