Course – The most important immunesystem of the Equine – the GUT

Janek Vluggen from Vluggen Institute is coming to teach on this course “The most important immune system of the Equine – the GUT“.

The course is a 4 day course – from Tuesday d. 21 January until Friday d. 24 January.

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Cranielle Nerves

The horse’s gastrointestinal bacteria can play a role in allergies, obesity, depression and
generally poor immune system.
You get the anatomy and physiology connected to this greatest immune system.

The GUT – The most important immune system of the Equine

Topics like the following are reviewed:
• generel medical physiologic considerrations of the digestive tract of the equine
• the digestive tract, more than the digestive tract
• anatomy, physiology, pathology considering microbiology
• bacteriological composition of the intestinal flora
o the most important aerobic, anaerobic and micro aerophile intestinal bacteria
o result of incorrect bacterial colonization
• general symptoms and complains
• causes of instable intestinal ecology – dysbiosis
• the mucosal immunesystem
• composition of the intestinal immunesystem
• nerves related to the areas of the gut
• and so on ……


The cost is 8000,00 kr. for all 4 days.
The course takes place at MySir Osteopathy and Physiotherapy at the address
Thostrupvej 15, 8881 Thorsø, denmark.