Purpose and requirements

The Danish Equine Academy

The purpose of The Danish Equine Academy

The purpose of The Danish Equine Academy is to offer courses/education at a high level within the functional anatomy, biomechanics, and treatment methods of horses, among others. Through this, the academy aims to provide students with comprehensive knowledge of the subjects they choose to specialize in. The education programs will be of a very high standard, equipping the students with a well-rounded understanding when they graduate.

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Admission requirements

  • To study at The Danish Equine Academy you need to be at least 16 years
  • You must enjoy working with horses and people
  • There are no formal qualifications you need to possess in order to register
  • Students should have some experience in handling horses – either through owning a horse, working experience with horses, and/or regular riding

The teaching

  • The teaching is conducted by competent instructors
  • If necessary, specialists are called upon to conduct lectures
  • Assignments demonstrating the students’ skills must be submitted regularly
  • There will be issued a course certificate
  • To become a certified equine massagetherapist or equine physiotherapist, the students must pass an examination

The education takes place at the address Thostrupvej 15, 8881 Thorsø


At all levels of the equine massegetherapist education as well as the equine physio therapist education, there are examinations, including written, oral, and practical tests. External assessors are present during the examinations.

Throughout the educational programs, assignments must be submitted regularly, and students are required to write dissertations. Additionally, students must gain practical experience in horse massage and must have massaged between 125 and 200 horses during the training period.

Certificates are issued upon successful completion of individual courses/programs.