A new class of Equine Physiotherapists E.D.P® and Equine Massage therapist begins in October 2024.

Starting October 7th, a new training program for equine physiotherapists E.D.P®  and equine massage therapists starts.

Registration is open now. To secure your spot, send an email to with your name, address, phone number, and email.

The Equine Physiotherapist E.D.P® program comprises 12 modules and spans approximately 2 and a half years.
The Equine Massage Therapist program consists of 6 modules and extends over about 1 and a half years.

Explore detailed module descriptions for both educations here.

    Join us in this rewarding journey toward becoming a skilled equine care professional. Submit your application now and embark on a path to enhancing the well-being of horses through specialized care and expertise.



    Are your therapist educated?

    In our ongoing effort to make it more transparent which therapists are educated from The Danish Equine Academy; we have chosen to publish the therapists who have completed and passed the exam at The Danish Equine Academy. You can see the page here: “Who is educated | MySir

    Furthermore, we are working on a registry to include all therapists holding an examination certificate, enhancing transparency and recognition within our professional community.

    The register can be found here: Equine Therapist Register – Equine Therapist Register (


    Exciting series of webinars!!!

    We are working on a series of webinars where we aim to showcase aspects of daily life with horses, emphasizing key factors for keeping them healthy, sound, and fit—regardless of your riding level.

    Keep an eye on our website, where we will announce upcoming webinars.